Chris Warren is a sound artist, signal processing researcher, and musical instrument inventor.

His sonic installations have been featured at the Museum of Making Music, the Fleet Science Center, and the Havana Biennial.

His research in acoustic measurement produced the EchoThief Impulse Response Library.  These sonic snapshots of distinctive spaces throughout North America provide one of the most rich and varied collections of reverbs available.

Dr. Warren’s software company SuperHoax develops unique audio effects for Ableton Live using the innovative Max for Live programming language.

He is a resident artist at Space4Art in San Diego and performs with the group A Hundred Ghosts.  He teaches music composition at San Diego State University.

Dr. Warren earned a Ph.D. in Computer Music from UC San Diego studying with Dr. Miller Puckette, author of the Max and Pure Data programming languages, and an M.A. in Music, Science, and Technology from Stanford University.

chris [at] superhoax [dot] com