EchoThief  – Noise-resistant acoustic measurement tool used to create high resolution impulse responses. Using this new technology, I have created a large public library of impulse responses of unique sonic spaces. This library makes the resonant character of each space available in audio production as a reverberator. Featured on the Ableton website.



SuperHoax  – Unique audio effects for Ableton Live offer creative new ways to reshape sound.

Perpetual Motion – Endlessly Rising/Falling Harmonizer
Picante – 31-Band Graphic Distortion
The Spins – Multiband Stereo Rotator
Headphone Candy – Stereoizer



Transform Acoustics – Dynamic solutions for the architectural acoustics industry. Research and testing for the TASO active acoustic panel system.



Ghosts – Experimental spectral processing and time manipulation effects. Feedback delay networks and energy-preserving matrices blur timbres across time. Extensive guitar processing heard in I Say Again Echo and the soundtrack to Among the Mad.



Variable Room Acoustic System (VRAS) redesign – Significant redesign and upgrade of Meyer Sound Laboratories Constellation Electroacoustic Architecture multichannel digital reverberator system in UC San Diego’s Experimental Theater. Upgrades include an expanded digital input bus, a reduction of throughput latency, and a more intuitive mixer control system.



Z-plane – Interactive educational software illustrating the nonintuitive relationships between a biquad filter’s frequency response, difference equation, and poles and zeros on the z-plane.  Users can change either the filter coefficients or the locations of the poles and zeros and observe the results. Download (Mac|Win)



Enhanced Vehicle Acoustics – Sound schemata to provide focused warning signals for quietly-operating electric vehicles.  Psychoacoustic testing to determine effectiveness at non-intrusive volume levels. NPR | Scientific American | Forbes