EchoThief  – Noise-resistant acoustic measurement tool used to create high resolution impulse responses. Using this new technology, I have created a large public library of impulse responses of unique sonic spaces.  This library makes the resonant character of each space available in audio production as a reverberator.

EchoThief has been licensed by dozens of video games, including Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Bethesda, 2017).  The EchoThief VST plugin by Stagecraft Software provides a user-friendly interface to the library.  I can be heard discussing these echoes in the BBC4 program Echo in a Bottle (I chime in at 23:45).  Featured on the Ableton website.



SuperHoax  – Unique audio effects for Ableton Live offer creative new ways to reshape sound.

Perpetual Motion – Endlessly Rising/Falling Harmonizer
Picante – 31-Band Graphic Distortion
The Spins – Multiband Stereo Rotator
Headphone Candy – Stereoizer
Space Distortion – Smooth Saturator for Stereo Sounds



Transform Acoustics – Dynamic solutions for the architectural acoustics industry. Research and testing for the TASO active acoustic panel system.



Ghosts – Experimental spectral processing and time manipulation effects. Feedback delay networks and energy-preserving matrices blur timbres across time. Extensive guitar processing heard in I Say Again Echo and the soundtrack to Among the Mad.



Variable Room Acoustic System (VRAS) redesign – Significant redesign and upgrade of Meyer Sound Laboratories Constellation Electroacoustic Architecture multichannel digital reverberator system in UC San Diego’s Experimental Theater. Upgrades include an expanded digital input bus, a reduction of throughput latency, and a more intuitive mixer control system.



Z-plane – Interactive educational software illustrating the nonintuitive relationships between a biquad filter’s frequency response, difference equation, and poles and zeros on the z-plane.  Users can change either the filter coefficients or the locations of the poles and zeros and observe the results. Download (Mac|Win)



Enhanced Vehicle Acoustics – Sound schemata to provide focused warning signals for quietly-operating electric vehicles.  Psychoacoustic testing to determine effectiveness at non-intrusive volume levels. NPR | Scientific American | Forbes



The PixelHarp is a video-controlled harp whose virtual strings are strummed by waving a hand in view of a webcam. Leveraging technology to ease the learning curve and engage the player, this electronic folk instrument can be easily used by everyone. I chose the autoharp as a conceptual starting point, believing it to be among the most accessible of polyphonic instruments.



LoopShaper is a performative VSTi host commissioned by Percussa BVBA for the AudioCubes. An evolving synthesis timeline records the most recent gestural phrase detected by 3D IR sensors and loops it in place until new motion reshapes the phrase. The concept for this instrument occurred to me while watching my sister sculpt on a pottery wheel.  Here I sought to recreate that mode of interaction as a musical instrument.



ResoDrums are DIY instructions for creating haptic electronic hand percussion. Bidirectional transducers amplify and extend the touch of the player while creating meaningful physical feedback.

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