The PixelHarp is a video-controlled harp whose virtual strings are strummed by waving a hand in view of a webcam. Leveraging technology to ease the learning curve and engage the player, this electronic folk instrument can be easily used by everyone. I chose the autoharp as a conceptual starting point, believing it to be among the most accessible of polyphonic instruments.


LoopShaper is a performative VSTi host commissioned by Percussa BVBA for the AudioCubes. An evolving synthesis timeline records the most recent gestural phrase detected by 3D IR sensors and loops it in place until new motion reshapes the phrase. The concept for this instrument occurred to me while watching my sister sculpt on a pottery wheel.  Here I sought to recreate that mode of interaction as a musical instrument.



ResoDrums are DIY instructions for creating haptic electronic hand percussion. Bidirectional transducers amplify and extend the touch of the player while creating meaningful physical feedback.  

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